The HBDI Whole Brain® for success and nutrition for a good health. They are the two axes I work on with you to help you face the challenges of life.

Below you will find a preview of what I offer you. You can contact me using the “Contact us” tab if you have any other questions.


Scholar orientation and Junior HBDI profil.

–  Know how to choose your scholar orientation without making any mistakes

–  Enhance your working methods




Performance and stress at work, HBDI profiling for adults and groups.

–  Know yourself better to improve your performance and reduce your stress.

–  Increase your group’s internal relations to succeed in missions.

Well-being and health, fight the stress with nutrition.

–  Fight body stress with effective eating habits.

–  Smoothly avoid metabolic illness with effective eating habits.

Working group for company about working stress. 

–  Understand stress mecanism.

–  Solutions with coaching.

–  Solutions with nutrition.

–  Solutions with our cardio-respiratory method. 

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